1. Choose a Simple Comfort

A selection of carefully designed home goods to help you slow down and live life more simple.

2. Open Your Box

Your items are nestled in dried florals and brown paper, with a special note from the designer. We ship it to you in 2-3 days so you can start relaxing sooner.

3. Feel Relaxed & Refreshed

Use your home goods to help you live simply and stress-free.

Sending A Gift?

Give them the White Gardenia experience!

You order your gift box.
We wrap it in our signature packaging.
We ship it in 1-3 days (qualifies for FREE shipping).

Beautifully simple.

"I could smell them before I opened the box! LOVE them!"

kyra, texas

"The packaging is DREAMY! The candles smell delicious, and the soap is creamy and luxurious!"

sarah, georgia

"Opening the box is like this HEARTWARMING experience...I'm a fan."

richard, florida

Handcrafted Soap

Washing our skin is a simple act we do daily. But imagine a soap with amazing aromas and a rich, creamy lather… With the right soap, this simple act now turns into a luxurious experience. 

Our soaps are simple bars of goat’s milk soap, with premium fragrance oils and natural essential oils. They smell amazing and leave your skin feeling clean.

Hand Poured Candles

Candles instantly change a room’s atmosphere. They can freshen up a space with clean scents, or bring a cozy touch with warm aromas and soft, flickering light. 

Our hand poured soy candles contain all natural soy wax, which has extremely long burn times and wonderful scent throws. We use Eco cotton wicks that are lead-free. No dyes or phthalates. Only premium fragrance oils and natural essential oils.

Blended Bath Salts

Bath salts in a hot bath can be an amazing way to soak away any stress you may have at the end the day. 

Our bath salts are made with epsom salt, Mediterranean sea salt, and dried herbs. Packaged beautifully in corked glass tubes, these salts make for luxurious gifts or self-care items.

Hand Woven Blankets

Blankets are perfect companions for those overcast days in late autumn and winter. When it’s cold and rainy outside, being wrapped up in a cozy blanket with a good book and a cup of soup can warm our spirits like nothing else.

Our blankets are handwoven with premium couture jazz yarn. They are cozy and breathable at the same time, which makes them perfect for any time of the year. 


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